Shoulder Replacement Surgery – A Family Affair

Frank Ferney and Virginia Whitmire
Frank Ferney and Virginia Whitmire
When Frank decided to seek care from Brent Wiesel, MD, his shoulders were in bad shape. “However, his symptoms were worse on the left side, so we started there,” says Dr. Wiesel.

Incredibly, despite the severity of Frank’s symptoms, he was back on the golf course for an annual trip to South Carolina a mere two months following his surgery. “I wasn’t 100 percent, but I could play a short round. That trip was important to me,” he says.

Next up was Aunt Virginia, who suffered from shoulder pain so badly that the cooking enthusiast could barely eat, let alone cook. Some surgeons will hesitate to undertake this kind of surgery when the patient is considered “too old.” Dr. Wiesel did not find Virginia’s age a stumbling block. After their surgeries, both Frank and Virginia received physical therapy and wore slings for six weeks.

“Shoulder replacement surgery has one of the quicker recoveries for joint replacements,” says Dr. Wiesel. “Although most people regain full function after about four months,” he says, “patients continue to improve for about a year and a half. Immediately, though, their pain is improved.”

Today, both Virginia and Frank are back. Back to cooking, back to golfing.

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