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The Orthopedic Oncology Center at MedStar Washington Hospital Center is world renown for cutting edge and innovative approaches to musculoskeletal tumors. The Center features a true multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and functional recovery of patients with soft tissue sarcomas (STS), bone sarcomas, cancers and other tumors arising from or involving the musculoskeletal system. Because sarcomas are rare, making up less than one percent of all cancers, they require a team of highly skilled and experienced sarcoma specialists to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our doctors are leading experts in advanced diagnostic techniques; surgical removal of extremity, trunk and chest wall tumors including the pelvis and shoulder girdles; complex limb sparing surgical reconstruction; cutting edge endoprosthetic joint reconstruction; and the use of computerized navigation and other advanced surgical techniques to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

We are a prime referral center for Orthopedic oncology and serve patients in the Washington D.C. area and up and down the east coast. We offer access to top-notch care backed by the latest clinical research, including advanced diagnostic services, cancer support services, minimally invasive biopsies, and a full range of services. We routinely treat patients that have been referred to our center from other medical centers around the country and the world.

Our specialists are:

  • Leaders in innovative treatment and surgical advances, including limb-sparing surgery and customized endoprosthetic reconstruction
  • Experts in the most innovative, emerging surgical and reconstructive techniques for musculoskeletal cancer and sarcoma
  • Specialists in pediatric cancer, with about 30% of our practice focused on treating children through our partnerships with the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University Medical Center and Children’s National Medical Center
  • Focus on minimally invasive techniques, which result in less blood loss, smaller incisions, and reduced recovery time
  • Provide access to a sophisticated rehabilitation program that is designed to encourage optimal functional recovery
  • Advance and develop new treatment techniques through our large clinical research effort
  • Educating and training the next generation of surgeons through its ACGME accredited fellowship training program (1 of only 9 in the country).


MedStar Orthopedic Institute at Washington Hospital Center is a multidisciplinary network, home to leaders in a wide range of specialties. Our doctors routinely coordinate continuing care with other specialists throughout our network on behalf of our patients. No matter what your personal needs are, we can coordinate and expedite your treatment plan. Every patient receives an individualized treatment and recovery pathway, which might include any of the following supplemental care services:

  • Patient support systems
  • Social services
  • Nutrition programs
  • Dedicated nurse practitioners and nurse navigators who facilitate the treatment process through the scheduling of diagnostic tests and treatment plans


If you are suffering from a musculoskeletal cancer or sarcoma, you can feel confident that our team has the skills and experience to find a solution that will lead you toward recovery. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or suspect you may have cancer, contact the MedStar Orthopaedic Institute at 202-877-3970  to meet with our specialists today.

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Brock William Adams, MD
Brock William Adams, MD
Orthopedic Oncology

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
MedStar Orthopaedic Institute – Mitchellville
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Robert Mikael Henshaw, MD
Robert Mikael Henshaw, MD
Orthopedic Oncology

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
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