Joseph L. Ferguson, MD Joseph L. Ferguson, MD

Joseph L. Ferguson, MD


Joseph L. Ferguson is an orthopaedic surgeon who also holds a clinical doctorate in physical therapy.
He specializes in:
● Spine surgery, including cervical, thoracic and lumbar pathologies
● Minimally invasive techniques
● Lumbar stenosis
● Lumbar degenerative spine disorders
● Cervical Stenosis
● Cervical herniated disks
● Neck and/or arm pain or weakness
● Cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy
● Scoliosis (adult and pediatric)
● Complex spinal reconstruction
● Surgery: spinal, minimally invasive, microscopic, motion-sparing

Dr. Ferguson believes each patient is unique and requires an individualized, focused, and thorough  treatment approach to address the diagnosis. He approaches each patient-physician relationship as a partnership, with the best outcomes resulting from a collaborative effort. His goal is to help patients and their families understand their conditions and to educate them on all possible options, in order to restore function and relieve pain for a return to an active lifestyle.


  • Residency Program MedStar Georgetown University Hospital - 2018
  • Fellowship Program Rush University Medical Center - 2019
  • Medical School Jefferson Medical College - 2013


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Phone: 202-444-8766
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